Department of joint stay of mother and child

Tokmenko Lyudmila Volodimirivna

Head of department
Obstetrician-gynecologist the highest qualification
Experience 43 years
Trained in courses WHO evidence-based medicine and modern perinatal technologies.


The obstetrician-gynecologists diagnose the threatening situations of the fetus during the labor and are able to provide balanced delivery in time thanks to the monitoring.

A close person who is chosen by a women is present at the maternity.

The labor wards are equipped by jacuzzi, fitness-balls and wall-mounted ladder that reduce the pain during the lying-in.


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Hospital obstetric care is around the clock (24h). It is given by the qualified professionals. Day by day the operational help is given during the labor using current practices and resorbable suture material.

During the year we welcoming nearly 1000 of maternities (labors).

The dismissal from hospital of the newborn and the mother without any complications is possible on the third day. The dismissal after the cesarean section is on  the fifth day.

In the Obstetric Postnatal Mother-Baby Unit the lying-in women can communicate with relatives on the territory of Ukraine and abroad using Skype.

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The Sonicaid Team range is designed for simplicity in fetal monitoring. Developed in collaboration with leading obstetric specialists, the small, easy to use and lightweight unit can be transported effortlessly; within hospitals, to clinics, doctor’s offices or even to the home.

Twin fetal heart rate scales provide the clearest differentiation between two heart rates and avoids the difficulty of interpreting offset or overlapping traces.

Maternally sensed and automatic (Actogram) fetal movement detection

Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Signal loss and Cross channel rate verification alarms

Twins (TeamCare Duo) and Intrapartum (Team IP) variants

Care Antepartum CTG analysis provides an objective, numerical and consistent assessment of the CTG. Clinicians can rely on a large database of collective experience to support their own visual assessment.

Trend provides clear periodic changes over time in the FHR. For use during the 1st stage of labor, clinicians are quickly highlighted to changes in the variation, basal heart rate and deceleration size.


The new MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology focused on the real diagnostic value and the unique “Twice Ultrasound Vision” is based on the concept of easy and fast diagnosis: the outstanding result is Premium Performance and Point-of-care Ultrasound. It represents a “paradigm shift” in the hospital organization, combining top performance and exclusive solutions able to change the daily clinical outcome. The unique “Twice Ultrasound Vision” with eHD Technology perfectly fits the integrated patient management approach, allowing physicians to seamlessly integrate results from point-of care exam with imaging from standard workflow.

When it is required, the pregnant women can consult other specialists: an endocrinologist, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a cardiologist.

There is an office of functional diagnostics in the department where the cardiologist with a help of ultrasound investigation does a fetal hearth echography, echocardiography, cardiocotography.

Also the U/S cabinet functions where you can make an ultrasonic investigation of the abdominal cavity organs, a thyroid gland, an urinary system and the neurosonography of the newborns.

Intensively the new technologies of the antennal care are implemented.