Department for joint stay of mothers and newborns



Madzihon Natalia Vasylivna

The head of the department
Experience – 30 years
Higher qualification category
Trained at WHO training “Modern perinatal technologies”, “Infection control in maternities»


The department has 7 neonatologists, 6 of them have higher qualification category.


  • photometric analyzer hyperbilirubinemia;

  • incubators;

  • heated beds;

  • electronic scales;

  • resuscitation kits;

  • Infuse Pumps for infusion;

  • glucometer;

  • pulse oximeter.

Main areas of work:

I ) providing optimal conditions for healthy newborns and family studies;


II ) providing specialized care of newborns with perinatal care;

III ) safe treatment and examination of newborns;

IV ) providing qualified advice;


V ) participation in prenatal consultations;

VI ) psychological support for mothers and families in terms of early adaptation , successful early breastfeeding, newborn care in the maternity hospital;

VII ) care of the little weighed, premature and immature newborn;


VIII ) with gestational age of 33-34 weeks and more, care of them using “kangaroo method»;

IX ) vaccination of newborns according to the inoculation schedule.


  • rooming mother and newborn in individual wards;

  • an active participation of the family in the care of newborns;

  • ensuring the “thermal circuit” for children;

  • using the method of “kangaroo” for children of low birth weight.